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I3GGU Giovanni
Giovanni Gioi Desulo (Mutos) The Web site tells of Giovanni, his ability to write in the Sardinian language popular songs of Desulo City where whos born.

I0PGY Guido
Guido Gusso in Radio shack "Guido Vatican Man": Guido for about 50 years living in Rome, in this period he worked in Vatican City and is now retired and enjoys this beautiful period on the radio.

I3WWP Francesco
Francesco Portolesi Shack Francesco tak part of the category of Eighty Years and more, a very distinguished person, intelligent and correct, He follows carefully what's happening in Caorle and in the world, very passionate dx radio contact and talk with friends.
He loves his nephew Aurelio, with him spend time willingly.
IK3YAB Renzo
Renzo writes for several newspapers, now has no time to spend on the radio, he devoted himself to his two nephews.
When we meet him is a pleasure. Thanks Renzo.

IK3YAE Carlo Ham Radio web site No Comment !

IK3XZT Gianni
Now does not spend time on the radio. He has a problem with his computer.

IZ3GVL Corrado
Web Site with personal info Corrado is a dear friend, very passionate of CW radio contact. He loves to travel and do dxpedition, the last in Spain. But in particular loves to meetings where hi can eat good fish. Person of great fantasy invented three major websites www.e-qsl.it, www.echolink.it, www.telegrafia.it and www.radiotelegrafia.it with the forum.
With his father Arnaldo, is author of several experiments on antennas.
Congratulations Corrado!

IZ3GSS Marco
We are waiting Marco.

IK3ZBD Antonio
Home Page personal info Tony is a Gentleman, very generous person, it helps as when we are technical difficulties. When we are Meetings is always present.
Like him to experiment on antennas, make contacts in telegraphy and phony specialy speak with local friends.
Toni are in debt !

IK3ZBP Mauro
We are waiting Mauro.

IZ3DRP Luca web site Luca, graduate in Education Science, devotes a lot of time to social work and the family. When travel to work sam times he likes radio contacts.
Wi waiting Luca when his children grow up.

IZ3DVM Eugenio web site wetter forecast We are waiting the optimal performance.
IZ3GAK Cristian web site Cristian, entered quiet quiet into radio world, now showing great attention to telegraphy and phony, also collects good results in contest. Passionate also to building equipment and antennas.
A Friend excellent, he knows generaly everything and likes the sea side, mountain, painting, pictures, video, computer and sofware.
See web site: www.iz3gak.it

IZ3KVD Giorgio Web Site Ham Radio Site with personal and radio information.
IS0FRV Alessandro Web Site Ham Radio info - Radio Antenna and personal information - Sardinia Is. -
He is new entry.