ts850s kenwood

On this photo, in addition to my person, you see my radio Kenwood TS-850S, Purchased in 1992, and is still working to excellent.
High quality equipment, fantastic in the modulation and in cw mode. The microphone Kenwood MC-60.
Below you see an audio Mixer BEHERINGER to process the modulation.
Sorry forgot my microphone Kennet dynamic high quality.
And not least my old IMAC still functioning perfectly.
I run with an external drive also MAC OSX SOFWARE what you say?

With all the current reviews on the FT950 and FT2000 not really praising those models, perhaps it is time to go back a little.
I do not consider the TS850 to even be in the same league as the Yaesu models, but for what it does do, it does it well.One of the highest rated receivers ever to be tested in the ARRL labs, no complicated menus to navigate, and that renowned Kenwood audio make the TS850 one of the best used radios on the market. Split frequency is easy. Set VFO B to your TX freq, and hit the split button, couldn't be simpler. I wouldn't waste money on a narrow SSB filter as the IF SLOPE tuning does an adequate job for casual SSB operations. Invest in a set of CW filters and you will have one great radio for CW, PSK and RTTY work. My 850 is used for all the RTTY contests and it will put out 100w all day long without breaking a sweat.
I have fitted mine with an internal RS232/TTL converter so it is a simple matter of hooking up a serial cable to run it from the computer. Try to get one in the 40 million serial range or higher, it will have the new DDS chips in it. The early units were prone to failure.
Keep in mind these radios were discontinued in 1996 so there are bound to be some beaters out there. But if you can find a late model unit in good condition I guarantee it won't be going back to the dealer for a refund or showing up on a swap listing two months after you buy it.